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Order for Huawei Factory Code All Level

Price: $ 55.00

Delivery Time: Delivery Time: 1- 72 hours

Average Delivery Time : 1-2 Hours
Alert: If Huawei phone ask for a Simlock Block Unlock Reset Key after you insert another Network SIM Card, this mean your phone is blocked because of too much wrong code. You can order the "simlock block unlock reset key" In Next option ! 

If you WILL GET A WRONG CODE. There is nothing we can do to help you in case because codes comes directly from DATABASE. and its never b wrong .maybe you have counter blocked or operaor maybe change this code to another !

No Refundable

How to enter my Unlock Code on Huawei?

1) open Hyperterminal : C:Program FilesWindows NT (should be there)
2) you must set com port on modem (Huawei Mobile Connect - 3G Modem)
3) type following command : AT^CARDLOCK=""
4) Validate by pressing Enter.

Model: Mini WIFI Modem

1 Insert Non-Optus SIM card into modem
2 Power device on €“ wait until the device has completed it�s initialization
3 Make sure there is a connection between the WiFi Modem and the client (eg computer)
4 Start an Internet browser and enterhttp:// in the address bar. (The default password is admin).
5 Enter the password, and then click Login
6 Select Settings
7 Select Dialup and then Unlock SIM
8 Enter unlock code and then click Apply
9 Unit resets itself if successful.

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